servo motors and servo drives

In the case of servo drive technology our main products are servo motors.

For servo drive technology mainly brushless servo motors for robots and assembly automats are produced. The torque range is up to 150 Nm and the performance range up to 50 kW.

gmb produces motors in the ranges BAC 90 up to BAC 145, SAC 55 and up to SAC 118. The bus voltage standards are 24, 300 and 500 VDC

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Performance data SAC servo motors 300 Volt
leistungsdaten_sac_-_servomotoren_300_volt_2.pdf - 275 kB
Performance data SAC servo motors 500 Volt
leistungsdaten_sac_-_servomotoren_500_volt_1.pdf - 272 kB
Dimension sheets SAC servo motors
massblaetter_sac_-_servomotoren_1.pdf - 390 kB

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